Composed of a team of national award-winning photographers and video specialists, Multimedia Services regularly travels across the campus and around the world to tell the Notre Dame story.

With two full-time photographers, we can meet most photographic needs on campus. The video team provides creative direction and video production to support University colleges, departments and initiatives. With rates considerably less than off-campus companies, Multimedia Services provides the University with photos and videos that are not only creative, but cost-effective as well.

Check out, where you can quickly and easily shop for photos taken by the University’s official photographers. If you work for a University department, you can set up a subscription to download images for use in University projects.  To see the recent work of our video team, take a look at this Vimeo channel.



The University photographers capture moments in the Notre Dame story in breathtaking fashion. These shots cover the breadth of the activity on campus - student life, academic endeavors, athletics and more. To view their work, including beautifully campus imagery for sale, visit

The photography unit strives to meet the needs of our campus partners. Please review the service options below and let us know how we can assist you.

Original Photos

If your communication needs call for an original photo, contact us to set up a photo shoot. Or, call (574) 631-2424.

Studio portraits (head and shoulders) are taken with a standard background in Grace Hall at the rate of $35 per person.

Stock Photos

If your needs call for a stock photo, Multimedia Services may already have the image in our collection. Please visit our photo gallery to view the collection. 


And, if you'd like a print of an image, we can accommodate nearly all sizes. Both the general public and University departments may order prints from our collection.

Photo Subscription

Two new options for the use of University stock photography include

  • Annual subscription - unlimited downloads from for a fee of $1,500 per year.
  • A la carte - Individual downloads of photos for a fee of $30 per use.

If you plan to use more than 50 images/year, the subscription is a better bet. Sign up for a photo subscription.



The University's central video unit produces extraordinary pieces for a wide variety of campus departments and campaigns. They craft compelling stories around academics, faith and the student experience at Notre Dame

Drone Footage

To enhance certain video projects with aerial footage, the Multimedia team is approved by Risk Management & Safety for drone flights on campus. We also maintain a collection of scenic drone footage for use in projects to avoid excessive drone use on campus. Every shoot requires at least two of our FAA-licensed drone pilots and an officer from Notre Dame Security Police. Because of this, requests must be made at least one week in advance.

Please note that drone shoots may only occur during daylight and civil twilight (30 minutes before official sunrise and 30 minutes after official sunset). The drone may not be flown over people but may capture footage of people from a horizontal distance.

Fees include a $500 drone usage charge and a minimum of $170 per hour for a crew of two.

Take a look at our video portfolio to see an idea of what we can do for you. If you have questions about starting a project, contact Lynn Peisker for more information.

Start a video project.

If you have a need for video capture of a lecture or conference, please contact the Office of Information Technologies.

Contact Beth Grisoli, associate director of Multimedia Services, to learn more about the many ways you can enhance your communications with photography and video.