Working within the University’s brand standards, the Web Team develops strategic, targeted digital communications for campus clients. Our capabilities and responsibilities include:

Analytics & Strategy

We analyze our client’s goals and communication needs to craft digital strategies that target the right audiences with the right message. Our analysis can include web analytics, benchmarking, content strategy, information architecture, and social media strategy. More About Analytics & Strategy

Website Design & Development

Utilizing Conductor, the University’s proprietary content management system, we design and develop mobile-friendly websites for the campus community. More About Web Design & Development

Web Support & Training

Our team oversees ~600 websites on campus. For clients needing adjustments, support, or assistance, our team is easy to reach. We also facilitate free Conductor training for campus admins. More About Web Support & Training

Email Communications

Using Emma, our team works with campus communicators to develop on-brand email templates. More About Email Communications


University subdomains ( are offered to the campus community free of charge, for both new Conductor websites and web applications developed elsewhere. More About Subdomains.

Link Shortener

The Link Shortener is a pay service provided by Marcomm to generate "" url's. More about Network

We offer campus clients a free Wordpress-based blogging and micro-site network. While this space doesn’t include any custom design, development, or support, it’s a fantastic resource for campus users with simple web publishing needs. More About

Web Brand Standards

Our team defines the brand standards for the University’s digital ecosystem, ensuring our user’s digital experiences are consistent with the quality associated with Notre Dame. All subdomain approvals are subject to web brand compliance. More About Web Brand Standards