Best Practice for Moved Content: Redirect or Page Not Found?

Author: Shawn Maust

During the life of a website, it is common for the page structure to change. Sometimes a page gets moved to a new location; sometimes it gets removed altogether. In any case, it's worth considering how to respond to traffic to pages that no longer exist where they once did. Is it suitable to redirect users somewhere else? Or is allowing them to experience a "broken" link more appropriate?…

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The Difference Between Blockquotes and Pull Quotes

Author: John Slott

A blockquote is used in online writing to differentiate a section of quoted text from the text around it. When used correctly, it can enhance text content on the web, but too often blockquotes are applied incorrectly, perhaps in place of another familiar text treatment, the pull quote.

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Branding the University of Notre Dame Online

Author: Zach Allen

Since the launch of the updated in October 2018, the Web Team has been developing the design of the University’s flagship site into a new University Theme—a standardized set of styles and elements—that will bring a much greater brand consistency to Notre Dame’s family of websites.

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