Whether snapping headshots of new faculty and staff or taking high-quality campaign photography in a professionally controlled setting, MarComm’s photo studio in the lower level of Grace Hall is the perfect location to visually capture just the right look, feel, and emotion.

3D Printed Model of a rodent skeleton
3-D Models: 3-D model photographed on a reflective surface.
Football rings stacked on top of each other
Football Ring Stack: Iconic items will have even more visual impact photographed in our versatile studio.
Kiva Ford Glass
Kiva Ford Glass: Control variables in the studio so photos look their best.
Woman Lead Studio Shoot
Women Lead: Studio lighting helps achieve a campaign’s strategic look with stylized portraits.
Leprechaun jumping looking at camera
Leprechaun: This pure-white backdrop is designer friendly and features high key lighting.
Soccer player kicking ball with green shadow showing motion
Sports motion: Special effects and motion graphics showcase movement visually.
  • We always look forward to working with the Notre Dame Photography team. They are not only gifted photographers, but they are also professional, sensitive, and dedicated to getting great shots even in challenging situations. … Every stage of working with the Notre Dame Photography team is excellent—from scheduling and planning an assignment to photographers capturing the right shots to receiving finished photos in a timely manner.

    Christine Cox
    Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies