The Chapels of Notre Dame Book

Showcasing sacred spaces and holy relics required a collection of images that reveals more than you can see.

The Chapels of Notre Dame Book
Multimedia team

Notre Dame’s Catholic character is evident in the proliferation of chapels and other sacred spaces across campus. Every residence hall has a chapel and many academic buildings do as well.

In late summer 2011, Executive Vice President John Affleck-Graves presented an idea to do a book on the chapels of Notre Dame, with photos of the spaces and stories of their patron saints, notable relics, or other unique aspects of each. He convened a group that included Congregation of Holy Cross priests, theologians, historians, University Trustees, and the Notre Dame Press, with the goal of having a hardbound book in the bookstore within a year.

The project required coordination with residence hall rectors, Mass schedules, and chaplains participating in the design process. The book was in the bookstore ahead of schedule.