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Author: Erik Runyon homepage

The Notre Dame homepage was updated in October 2018 with a new design. To reflect this change, has been updated to match that new University theme. In addition to an updated theme, there are changes to the search features as well.

When you perform a search, you will see the "Web" results by default.

There are also tabs for other types of search results:

  • People
  • News
  • Events
  • Office/Department
  • Images


These results have been available in the sidebar for some time, but have been moved to the primary search area. You can search by name or NetID.

News, Events

The News and Events tabs display results from all Conductor websites.

If you're a Conductor admin in charge of News or Events for your site, make use of the Excerpt and Featured Image features so your search results look as good as possible.


This search uses the same data source (currently LDAP) as the people search, but will only return results for Offices and Departments.


The Images tab returns results from

If you don't see the image you're looking for in the initial results, use the "View more on" button to see additional relevant search results on

If you have any questions regarding, contact