Marketing Communications serves the colleges and schools, departments, administration, offices, institutes, and centers of the University of Notre Dame by providing world-class photography, video, print, and web design services. 

How We Work

Beginning a project with us is easy - simply reach out to a member of our client services team, or fill out the appropriate contact form. Most projects start with an intake meeting to discuss your goals and some preliminary ideas. In these meetings, we tend to ask lots of questions. If you don't have the answers at the start, don't worry. We'll get there together.

Prior to starting a job, we work with our campus clients to come to an agreed upon budget. All time invested in executing the project is tracked and billed to the quarter hour. A flat-rate project management fee is added to the cost of the project at completion.

As a department within the University of Notre Dame, we use FOAPAL numbers to invoice. Note: a FOAPAL number is required prior to MarComm starting any work. Large print and Web projects are billed at the completion of the job, while smaller support projects are billed on a quarterly basis (July–September, October–December, January–March, and April–June). To ensure budget compliance, all fourth quarter support projects are closed and invoiced prior to the close of the fiscal year.

Rush projects are billed at double the following posted rates. All rates are effective as of July 1, 2016.


University Photographer

  • $95 per hour with a one-hour minimum. Special pricing may apply for extended projects or out-of-town assignments.
  • $125 per hour for evenings and weekends (Mon-Fri after 6:00pm and anytime Saturday or Sunday)
  • Studio portraits (head and shoulders) are taken with a standard background in Grace Hall at the rate of $35 per person.

If our University photographers are already scheduled, we’ll arrange for a qualified freelancer to handle your shoot.

Even if you lose your images, we’ll always have them. Additional charges may include cost of materials and time for post-photography session work (image correction, CD/DVD burning, etc.).


University Stock Images

University Department Download Options (University use only) Price
Annual Subscription* – unlimited downloads from Photos.nd.edu $1,500
A la carte* – Individual downloads (if you plan to use more than 50 images/year, the annual subscription is a better option) $30 per image
External or commercial use (high resolution, use restrictions apply) $250 per image

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Start a photography project now! Or contact Beth Grisoli, director of Multimedia Services, to learn more about the many ways photography can be used to tell your Notre Dame story.


Videography Rates

Service Hourly Rate
Preproduction $85
Logging $85
Scripting $85
Shooting $85
Editing $85

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Print Rates

Service Hourly Rate
Design $70
Writing $70
Consulting $70
Production Management $55
Project Management $50
Proofreading/Editing $50

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Web Rates

Service Hourly Rate
Design $95
Development/Programming $95
Writing/Editing $95
Information Architecture $95
Usability Testing $95
Research/Strategy $95
Misc. Consulting $95
Web Support $95

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