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The world of Web offers endless possibilities for creating a sleek, eye-catching presence that wows visitors when they hit your site. But how do you know if that shiny, wiz-bang site is really helping you communicate to your audience? How do you know people are finding what they need when they visit?

Beautiful design with motivated purpose is the sweet spot of website design...and it's where our team MarComm resides. We have the creative chops to make your vision come to life, but more importantly, our work is underpinned with strategic consultation that ensures your site performs as well as it looks.


Usability Testing

Usability testing involves observing real people as they are instructed to perform specific tasks on your website. Doing so allows us to determine how others are likely to interact with your site. For instance, how long does it take a user to locate basic information like the “About” or “Contact” sections? As the user digs down into your site, can they easily find their way back? Find out.

If your website is difficult to use, visitors will simply leave. And once they leave, it’s unlikely they’ll return. Contact us today to learn more about usability testing or to schedule a review of your website.